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DTC Ball Lock Holders

The advantage of our system compared to similar products is that our system is precision ground on the outer dimension to allow for ease in press adjustment (shimming).

DTC Slug Keeper Machine ™

We sell these units for any company interested in having an in-house quick solution to an expensive problem. With our machine you can add Slug Keeper Grooves to problem dies in your press with minimal down time (no need to remove from the press).

This is the most effective method to keep slugs from pulling during stamping operation. This machine is used to put a small groove 0.001 to 0.005 ( 0.025mm to 0.127mm ) deep into the die profile which creates a precise amount of interference. The grooves are machined at an angle of 3-5 degrees to the die surface. The slug expands into these precision grooves. The pressure between the slug and the die land occurs, in which prevents the slug from pulling back up to the top of the die block and onto the die surface causing damage to the strip, final part or even cause expensive die damage.

Please watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use.


Patent Pending

DTC True Bend

This product can be added to your current tools to help eleviate problem form angles. We will also incorporate them into new product designs.